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What is Homeowner Rehabilitation?


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Homeowner rehabilitation is one of the most common community development programs.  CDBG and SHIP funds provide a wide range of flexibility with rehabilitation of projects and design considerations.  Cities such as Pembroke Pines can choose to do emergency repair programs, spot rehabilitation or full house rehabilitation.

CDBG and SHIP funds may be used to assist existing homeowners with the repair, and rehabilitation of owner-occupied units.

The City of Pembroke Pines has chosen to use the flexibilities provided under the CDBG and SHIP programs to design repair and rehabilitation programs that meet the needs of its residents.  Examples of the types of activities that may be undertaken include:

General programs aimed at rehabilitation of existing structures, including substantial rehabilitation programs, which typically bring the property up to local codes and standards.

Special purpose programs, including:

Energy efficiency programs aimed at improving the energy efficiency of homes through additional insulation, new windows and doors and other similar improvements.

Handicapped accessibility programs through which improvements, such as installation of ramps and grab bars, are made to homes of persons with disabilities to make the home more accessible.

Emergency repair programs that provide for the repair of certain elements of a housing unit in emergency situations, such as repairs to a roof that is leaking, but the whole house is not rehabilitated; and

Weatherization programs aimed at improving a home’s ability to withstand the elements, including insulation and weather-stripping

Contact Nercida Casado, Senior Program Specialist at 954-431-7866 x128 for more information.

Comuníquese con Nercida Casado, Especialista Senior de Programas al 954-431-7866 x128 para obtener más información.

Examples of Residential Rehabilitation


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