Management Approach

Management Approach

There are key elements to the successful management and implementation of any grant funded program, regardless of whether it is a purchase assistance or residential rehabilitation program. The following section offers a brief discussion of a few of them.

Staff Experience

CRA has been administering and providing direct services for, among others, purchase assistance, residential rehabilitation, emergency housing related assistance, economic development, affordable housing programs, and small business programs for over 30 years. Our staff possesses the necessary government, real estate, lending, and residential rehabilitation  management experience to effectively and efficiently administer the aforementioned programs. Our staff is well versed in the various state and federal regulations which govern the administration and direct services funded by a variety of grant sources.

CRA’s staff receives continuing education and training throughout the year, staying abreast of ever changing federal and state grant program regulations. In addition, in-service training is also provided routinely on the practical aspects of program implementation, including conflict mediation and complaint resolution. This training is necessary to ensure program quality and compliance. 

Customer Service

As a private sector grant administrator, providing customer service that is timely and responsive to the community and our clients is a priority. It is critical to our success as a business. We have established standards for customer service as it relates to the various aspects of program administration. 

Being responsive to the client (governmental staff), the public seeking information, and last and most important, direct beneficiaries (program participants) is paramount. Similar expectations are required of the various other role players involved in implementing any grant program. Additionally, most of our staff is bi-lingual, speaking English, and Spanish. 

Performance Standards – Quality Control

Performance measure and standards are established for CRA, the programs we administer, and the associated tasks we must undertake. This includes budget and fiscal control and program management.  

CRA focuses its efforts on the most efficient means available, producing high quality work that achieves the client’s programmatic goals.  Staff meetings where expenditure updates and monthly goal accomplishments are reported to management are regularly held. Management is also able to track productivity of the staff through our database tracking system. 

A comprehensive analysis of a program’s plan of work is done to determine the effort required to implement the program and resources are assigned accordingly. CRA will continuously reassess the program, direct service activities and resources required to ensure timely completion of all associated tasks. Monitoring and review procedures have been established and are utilized at various benchmarks during program implementation.  Record keeping is extremely detailed and in keeping with the transparency required of public records.

As a result, CRA provides services at a reduced cost to its clients due to efficiencies developed over many years. Our economies of scale approach puts more “dollars on the street” and applicants assisted.